Textbooks Books

  • You must check out a textbook for every academic course you are taking, unless otherwise specified on your syllabus. 
  • You will come to the library with your English teacher to check out your textbooks. 
  • Make sure you write down the book’s barcode number of each one of your textbooks for future reference. The barcode is located either on the outside  or inside of the front cover.
  • Textbooks have different prices. Check with the librarian in case you lose your textbook. 
  • DO NOT leave your textbooks in the classroom, EVEN IF THE TEACHER GIVES YOU PERMISSION. 

 Online Textbook Access 


  1. Math 7th
  2. CPO General Science 1
  3. Springboard English 7th & 8th
  4. CPM Integrated Math

7th Grade Textbooks

  1. English 7 – Holt
  2. World Cultures: History Alive
  3. General Science: CPO Life Science
  4. CPM Integrated Math

8th Grade Textbooks

  1. English 8 – Holt
  2. U. S. History
  3. CPO Physical Science
  4. CPM Integrated Math
  5. Spanish and/or Band (not all students)

Library Books:

  • Library book check-out period is 3 weeks. 
  • Please note there are some books that are due in 7 days. 
  •  Check out up to 5 books at a time. 

Fines to cover repair or replacement of library or textbook materials may be charged if the materials are abused during the time the student was responsible for the materials. These fines are rare and are usually assessed when a book is water damaged, the binding is ripped, a picture or other item has been cut from the book, or damage due to ink, crayon, pencil or pen has occurred.


Education Codes:

   19910 - Malicious Cutting, Tearing, Defacing, Breaking     or Injuring Library Property
   19911 - Willful Retention of Library Property

   48904 - Willful Misconduct; Limit of Liability or Parent or Guardian Withholding Grades, Diplomas or Transcripts of Students Causing Property Damage or Injury, Transfer of Permanent Enrollment and Scholarship Record

Government Code:
   53069.5 - Reward for Information Concerning Person Causing Death, Injury, or Property damage; Liability for Reward
Civil Code:
1714 - Responsibility for Willful Acts and Negligence; Contributory Negligence
1714.1 - Liability of Parent/Guardian or Act of Willful Misconduct by a Minor
1714.3 - Liability for Parent/Guardian for Injury to Person/Property Caused by Minor Under Fifteen

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